Art by Rose @modernmodron Ambient sound by Nic @nictringali

Trash Poker is a new poker variant that is a twist on a somewhat forgotten poker variant called Knock Poker. The main feature of the variant is the draw phase in which players pay into the pot for the chance to draw a card and discard a card in order to improve their hand before the betting phase. The draw phase lasts until one player knocks, ending the draw phase after one more round. 


The dealer each round ante's one chip to start the draw phase.

During the draw phase each player, in turn, chooses to DRAW, PASS, KNOCK, or FOLD. If the player chooses to DRAW they pay a chip into the pot and then they select either to draw from the deck or from the top of any other players' discard piles. After drawing that card they must choose a card in their own hand to discard. If the player chooses to PASS, they put a chip in the pot without drawing in order to keep the draw phase going without drawing a new card (either to juice the pot or to wait for better cards to show up in discards). If the player chooses to KNOCK they do not pay a chip, this signals the end of the draw phase and the remaining players have one more chance to draw if they choose before the betting phase begins. If a player chooses to FOLD they are out of the current hand and no longer eligible to win, but don't have to pay any more to participate.

After the draw phase comes the bet phase, with one round of betting. This is similar to standard poker betting phases.

The game continues until only one player has chips, and they win the game.

This game is a jam submission for the Hexcode Showdown Jam #2, There are more features yet to come after the jam deadline including better ai, additional rules such as a joker and black spot card, and exciting new card backs. I chose to ignore the theme of the jam and use one of the themes that didn't get voted to the top (although it deserved to) and the game was based upon the TRASH palette.

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This is really cute and nice! I love the fresh take on poker :)